I have always sought out ways to listen to people’s stories and support them towards a better life – on their terms.

Before transitioning to work full-time in the health and healing sector, I earned my MSc in International Public Policy and worked in research and advocacy for international conflict resolution. I was fortunate to work with global non-profit organizations and spend time both in the field in Southern Africa and in the offices of Ambassadors, Government officials, religious leaders – even speaking on the floor of the UN on behalf of causes I was campaigning for.

Yoga was always an inevitable part of my life as the daughter of two yoga teachers. But it wasn’t until my Mom was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer that I sought yoga out as a coping mechanism and eagerly started teaching after receiving my certification in 2015.

After leaving the formal workforce to become my Mom’s primary caretaker in 2016, I decided to transition yoga into my business, understanding that health and well-being were the most valuable assets we have. I had personally struggled with anxiety and depression for many years and was now being asked to show up and support someone else in a very concrete way. In this challenging time, it became clear to me that the only way I could fully support another person was to first take care of myself. Read more about my experience in my essay Lessons from Mother.

Mindfulness, healing and breathing techniques became essential tools for me to get through my days. And so, Move and Mindful was founded on the principle of making these fundamental tools more accessible and available to everyone. I completed my corporate mindfulness training with MINDFRESH and began bringing mindfulness to offices around Toronto, Canada. Following my Mom’s death in 2018, I began practicing breathwork and was immediately taken aback by the power of breath in my own healing process. I completed my first and second level of training in 2019 and 2020 respectively with my teacher Ashley Ludman.

I’m currently based in London, UK and would love to connect and hear your story.