About Aliya

(pronouns: she, her)

My vision is to create safe spaces for people to be seen, heard and supported through their life challenges and inner work.

I’m a trained breathwork facilitator, mindfulness coach, reiki practitioner and yoga teacher.

Move and Mindful offerings include a synergy of my past experiences and trainings. I facilitate positive physical, mental and emotional transformation in private sessions and group workshops.

I pride myself on making my clients feel safe, seen, heard and loved.

In some way or another, I have always occupied the role of witness, supporter, caretaker or advocate.


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Kind Words From My Community

"I booked my first breathwork session with Aliya when I was going through a confusing and difficult time. I was about to embark on a trip and was feeling extremely nervous and anxious. Aliya made me feel safe and secure the second I walked in the room. She invited me to share what was troubling me and encouraged me to jump in to the session with an open mind, heart and soul. What I found during the session was a much needed release of stuck energy and emotions that I was holding on to, followed by a feeling of calm. Through the breathwork, I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling full on. I look forward to experimenting with breathwork again, and connecting to my emotions and subconscious even further. Thank you Aliya for sharing your love of breathwork with us!"

+ Shira, Freelance Art Director & Stylist +

"The breathwork session was transformative and very eye-opening. I was dealing with breathing issues due to stress and anxiety and Aliya really helped shift my perspective and help me find balance. I was able to separate myself from the stress and anxiety and focus on feeling calm and guided. The way Aliya helped guide me through the breathwork practice and techniques was beyond informative and made me feel like I was in a safe space to fully embrace my emotions and discuss how I was feeling. The skills I learned from the breathwork session I use in my everyday meditation practice and it really helps me feel grounded. I would definitely recommend a session to anyone who is noticing an imbalance in breathing throughout the day and wants to work through it in a safe and positive space with a fantastic teacher!"

+ Maya, Digital Marketing Strategist +

"It’s no exaggeration to say that a breathwork session with Aliya helped me reach a level of calm I’ve never felt in my life! Aliya’s natural calming presence and professionalism made me feel instantly comfortable. She was an amazing coach – providing a clear summary of the process and updating me throughout. Having had no background in or experience with meditation, I was able to successfully enjoy this session under Aliya’s expert guidance. I would highly recommend Aliya to anyone looking to improve their mental, physical or spiritual well-being through breathwork. Not only is she a dream to work with, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable about her craft and possesses true empathy."

+ Reba, Real Estate Broker +

"I experienced breathwork for the first time with Aliya and highly recommend it to anyone contemplating giving it a try. I had two sessions with Aliya during a time of severely heightened anxiety, and the meditative experiences that transpired during the sessions had long-lasting effects that really helped to calm fear and the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. I was able to tap into a deeper level of consciousness to rewire fearful thoughts and turn them into positive visuals and affirmations. Because of the state of anxiety I was in, this wasn't something that I was easily able to do or tap into on my own. Aliya was so kind, flexible, and accommodating, coming to my home and making me feel my absolute safest being in this environment while going through the emotional and physical experiences of breathwork for the first time."

+ Kimberly, Brand Partnerships +