3 week breathwork circle

Breathwork Circle

a 3-week group breathwork experience

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Join me on this 3-week journey of discovering how your breath can support your life. 

We will practice a breathing technique that brings you into an altered state of consciousness, beyond your thinking brain, where your subconscious thoughts and energy are stored, to guide you into deeper connection with your body, mind and intuition.


Our Circle Includes: 

3 live breathwork workshops  3 weekly guided meditations  1 group check-in   personal support option to further deepen your practice

This past year opened your eyes to new ways of caring for yourself and now you’re feeling called to go deeper.

You believe that our bodies store emotions and energy, and it excites you to explore the meaning behind the messages your body sends you. 

You want to access the inner guidance and wisdom that lies beyond your thinking brain while releasing anxiety, fear and constant overwhelm (hello clarity, calm, ease). 

Enter: breathwork. 

A powerful healing practice that cuts past the distractions and leads to big breakthroughs. Not to mention, it feels like bliss. 

The Experience

  • 3 LIVE 2-hour weekly Breathwork workshops, on Sundays (10am EST / 3pm GMT) themed BODY, MIND, and INTUITION
  • 3 themed meditations with bonus prompts in your inbox, on Mondays, to deepen your exploration and support your practice between workshops (you’ll receive the first meditation one week before we meet)
  • 1 community check-in call for open sharing, questions and discussion on Wednesday March 31 (1pm EST / 6pm GMT) – basically a call with friends but to talk about the deep stuff, and time to ask me anything

The Process

  • Practices designed to reset and relax your nervous system
  • Guidance to explore your inner and outer reality in support of your transformation
  • Super awesome community of individuals also not afraid of going deep
  • Steps and tips to integrate practices into your daily life

You’ve heard of breathwork and how great it is, but don’t quite know what it is or haven’t been ready to try it?

Read more about the conscious connected breathing technique I use and how life-changing it is here– and just reach out if you have any questions about if it’s right for you.

BONUS Personal Support

I’m offering 5 spaces for 1:1 personal support as a bonus to the group breathwork experience.

I’ve devoted most of my career to supporting clients 1:1 and I love seeing the transformation that happens with this personal guidance. 

If you’re looking for big breakthroughs in a small amount of time, if you spend a lot of time and energy supporting others, or if you’re going through something difficult right now, it’s time for you to feel personally supported.

Let’s do it together. 

I understand that people come to breathwork with different intentions – you may be struggling with anxiety, grief or trauma and looking for tools for your own healing; you may be a practitioner supporting others and interested in learning more about different types of breathing techniques; you may be looking for clarity or resolution on a situation in your life. Wherever you’re at, I got you. 

How does it work?

  • Once you join with bonus personal support, we’ll begin connecting via direct voicenote on the Voxer app (free). In our voicenotes, we’ll discuss what’s coming up for you personally, work together on setting your intentions and deepening your practice, and anything else in your life that finds its way into our chats.
  • Over our 3 weeks together, you’ll have unlimited access to me here, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your note. No stress if it seems awkward at first to record voicenotes, I’ll be by your side the whole way and we’re creating our own safe and sacred place to go deep together. 

*Only 5 spots available, so don’t miss out if you’re thinking about it!

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“I'm always looking for new ways to centre myself. Aliya's breathwork practice helped me to do that, especially in a time of need. This is a surreal experience that must be tried. It's a great way to learn coping mechanisms as well as expel any negative energy we carry around with us every day. Highly recommend”

+ Teya, Arts & Culture Manager +

The Timeline

Where you need to be and when:

  • LIVE: Sundays – March 21, March 28, April 4 10am EST / 3pm GMT – 2 hour breathwork workshop on Zoom (links go out Saturday)
  • LIVE: Wednesday March 31 (1pm EST / 6pm GMT) – open community check-in call
  • Mondays – meditation and practice prompts land in your inbox for you to do all week


Breathwork Circle

Three weeks of breathwork

$188 USD


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BONUS Support

Breathwork Circle + personal support.

+$88 USD

($276 total)

Join the Circle

*I donate 5% to organizations close to my heart.

**Weekly payment plan available upon request, just send me a note and we’ll sort out all the details.

Any other questions? Email aliya@moveandmindful.com